Triality is a cooperative mixed-reality experience presented as the result of a collaboration between students of the Interface Cultures Master Program (University of Art and Design Linz) and the Master Program Software Engineering and Human-Centered Computing (University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Hagenberg).

In a mysterious laboratory, three participants have to synchronize to solve pending tasks. Each player perceives only one sense of the same virtual character and controls it: touch, hearing and sight.
To solve the problems, the players must work together as one unit to gain a complete understanding of what is happening in the virtual world.

Triality is an unconventional exploration of VR technologies that challenges the limits of our perception.

Live-Presentation of the research setting:
September 6th, 10am – 2pm; 3pm – 6pm
September 7th, 10am – 2pm; 3pm – 6pm
September 8th, 10am – 2pm;

mixed-media/VR experience
synchronized collaboration

Julia Del Rio, Jeon Hess, Sergio Lecuona, Matthias Schäfer, Qian Ye, Julian Reil, Kevan Croton, Jürgen Ropp, Tamiko Thiel;

Stefanie Brayer, Fabian Pointecker, Markus Maureder, Peter Haas, Horst Grobner, Oscar Ablinger, Dominik Heigl, Christoph Muellner, Elias Wipfler, Christoph Anthes


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