VR in Wonderland#1

Virtual Reality (VR) systems allow the user to experience a sense of presence in a place other than the physical body. VR also allows users to feel like someone else when they take the first-person perspective of another real person or avatar.

With the help of VR tools and devices for consumers integrated into our VR in Wonderland#1 system, the perception of the body of the participants in another room can be directed to a new perspective. Consequently, the VR in Wonderland#1 research setting actually makes it possible to manipulate the participants’ physical perception through self-localization. The natural view of the participants is replaced by the vision of a small robotic device running in an abstract city labyrinth model. While wearing HMD and looking around, users can observe themselves from the perspective of the third person from below and above, leading to confusion about self-localization. This is a common approach where bodily illusions influence bodily self-awareness.

Live-Presentation of the research setting:
September 5th, 10am – 2pm; 3pm – 6pm
September 6th, 10am – 2pm; 3pm – 6pm
September 7th, 10am – 2pm;

virtual reality
research setting

Bàlint Budai > HU
Maša Jazbec > SLO
Aleksandra Mitic > SR
Jürgen Ropp > AT
Vanessa Vozzo > IT
Martìn Nadal > ES

VR in Wonderland#1

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