Please Recharge

Interface Cultures
Ars Electronica
Student Exhibition
September 6-10

Postcity Linz Bahnhofplatz 12

We live in times of information overload and permanent availability. The convenience of being connected anywhere and anytime is ultimately not compatible with the physical and mental capacity of our bodies. They do need breaks and we do need time. As we have to constantly update, upgrade and adapt, things we once took for granted seem to disintegrate. While certain media companies celebrate the concept of disruption, there is a strong longing for stability, reliability and permanence. It is alarming that even the young generation is feeling exhausted from all this social networking and sensory over-load. They dream of a simpler, more sustainable future with clear principles, life quality, work-life balance and less stress. Recharging oneself has become their motto.
This year’s student exhibition features several works that deal with the need for more time, more reflection and more reliable answers. They suggest that we do not need to become victims ofall these gadgets and services we think we need.They ask us to reflect on our social interactions, stop for a while, clear our minds and rethink aboutwhat is really important. It is a very good sign that the next generation of media art creators isasking these essential questions and aims to construct a more sustainable media future.

Supported by the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy under the Higher-Education Structural Fund Austria