Sankt Interface

Sankt Interface Day 2017

6th December 2017, 18:00- open end

AudiMax & Dokapi Domgasse 1 – Kunstuni Linz


Dear friends of Interface Cultures,

You are cordially invited to celebrate with us ‘Sankt Interface Day’ on 6th December 2017.

‘Sankt Interface’ is an artistic project organized by Interface Cultures which serves also as the annual celebration of our department. It is not a coincidence that it is celebrated around every ninth of December, the same day of 1968 when Douglas Engelbart did his ultra-famous conference, known today as “The Mother of All Demos”.

At Sankt Interface, academic conferences, artistic performances, exhibitions, concerts and a “Computer Mouse Award” conform a celebration transforming into a happening in which students, professors, and friends of Interface Cultures participate at the same level.

This year’s event includes the keynote The Imperial Interface Industry and its UTOPIA” by Christian Ulrik Andersen, Associate Professor at Aarhus University (Digital Design and Information Studies). Inspired by network and software culture his research addresses the intersection between software and cultural performativity. In this talk he returns to the history of critical interface design in the 1980s and 90s – from Scandinavian design’s collaboration with workers’ unions (the UTOPIA project) to tactical media and Internet culture. The intention is to reflect on what can be learned from these traditions, and how to repurpose their insights and techniques today.

But also Sankt Interface 2017  includes the intriguing art performance “The Geek Chefs”, a television cooking life show, starring the ecclectic artist duo gula gula. On this occasionn, the show is gula gula’s television debut, it will be noted for the presenters “espainsterreichish” dialect and relaxed style, and its use of jumpy, experimentally risky playful skills. Their Menu for Sankt Interface: Raspberry Pie, Floppy Schnitzel & Gebackene Mäuse

The third edition of the infamousComputer Mouse Award will close the event at Audimax and finally in Dokapi a series of live music performances with electronic instruments by Stefan Tiefengraber, Gabriela Gordillo and Enrique Tomás as well as some hot DJ sesions, will close the night. It’s a must see!


18:00-18:05 Welcome Sankt Interface 2017! Prof. Dr. Christa Sommerer and Enrique Tomás

18:05-19.00 Keynote by Christian Ulrik Andersen: The Imperial Interface Industry and its UTOPIA

19:00-19:20 Art Performance by gula gula: The Geek Chefs

19:20-20:00 Computer Mouse Contest Award (apply by/until 04/12/2017)

20:00- 21:00 Buffet & Getränke (in Dokapi) and Dj Session

21:00-22:30 Concerts from Interface Cultures Students, Teachers & Friends: Stefan Tiefengraber, Gabriela Gordillo, Enrique Tomás and more…

22:30-open end DJ sessions