Computer Mouse & Keyboard Awards

Sankt Interface (Cultures) 2019
proudly presents the fifth
Computer Mouse/keyboard

We all have them, we all use them… hack your computer
mouse and win a prize! The catch is… weird ideas… crazy
metaphors… strange hybrids!



Categories & Awards

1.Award for weirdest and most engaging computer mouse/
Show us the computer mouse artist inside you. Any format,
material, scale, shape… anything. We want to see how far you can
≈ ≈ Prize: A Sankt Trophy!

2. Award for fastest clicking computer mouse/keyboard.
How fast can you (or your mouse) click? Train yourself using this
open source counter application. Bring your computer to the contest
and participate in the infamous 15 seconds clicking race!
≈ ≈ Prize: A Sankt Trophy!

3. Award for best flying mouse/keyboard.
Of course our inspiration was the quadcopter cat! We want to see
your computer mouse flying. The award goes to the coolest and full
functional flying interface.
≈ ≈ Prize: A Sankt Trophy!

Requirements & Conditions

1. Your computer mouse must be fully functional, it must be able
to click and navigate like any other normal mouse. We will
check it during the contest and presentation. Only fully
functional designs can be awarded.

2. Only affiliates to the Kunstuniversität Linz can participate:
students, teachers, assistants, etc.


3. To be announced

How to participate

1. Build your favourite computer mouse/keyboard monster

2. Bring your computer mouse to the contest venue:
≈ ≈ Audimax, 6th December, 18:00h

3. Your project will be presented and tested in Audimax from
20:30h. Our jury will deliberate and say… the winner is….


Send an email to

Sankt Interface 2019 program

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18:10 – 18:20
Introduction to Sankt Interface 2019 by Prof. Dr. Christa Sommerer, Head of the Interface Cultures Program
18:20 – 19:00
Keynote by Alexei Shulgin
19:15 – 20:15
Computer Mouse Contest Award
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Buffet & Getränke (Audimax)
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