Memories of the Future

Memories of the future - David Gann

by David Gann

About 28.000 genes are positioned on a ring which is representing the genome. The brightness stands for the expression level (how much gene product is produced) of a gene and the lines indicate the interaction between those. The genes are sonic grains on a long audio sample that contains many aspects of our culture and civilization.The genome is the basic level of memory and contains the building plan for us as human beings. As we have begun to understand our genetic code and are more and more able to change it, it is time to think and discuss about the potential impact on future generations. In this work multiple users can explore an interactive audio-visual map of the human genome on a touchscreen.

The user can associate his/her own audible memories with the sonification and gets a better spatial and relational understanding of the visualization. The user-interactions are recorded and the resulting data and musical compositions are published.