4th Skin

4th Skin, AV interactive performance
A project by Mihaela Kavdanska (RO/BG), 2013-14
Choreographer & performer: Dolma Jover Agullo (ES)
Programming by Cristian Iordache (RO)
Sound by Sorin Paun aka Randomform (RO)
Co-produced by KOTKI visuals
The “4th Skin” is a comment on the subjects of transience & impermanence, control & conditioning, presented as audio-visual interactive performance. It explores the interdependence between the identity of one’s body and the immediate surroundings. Reflects the sense-based interaction between one self and the world around. 
The relations between performers and space, result in the form of multimedia “skin”. Video content is created real-time according to their movements and explorations with wireless filming devices: their presence in a given space, bodies, actions, textures. The captured video footage is projected back on the performer’s body using a custom developed platform for dynamic video mapping on moving bodies.