Marta Beauchamp • PhD Research Collective Member

Interface Cultures Guestlecture Series

Marta Beauchamp • PhD Research Collective Member

06.03.24 | 16:30–17:30 at Interface Cultures Lecture Room, Domgasse 1, Kunstuniversität Linz

By focussing on the translation of neuroscience topics into multi-sensory experiences, Marta Beauchamp shapes an interface through which to materially encounter this process. She is interested in the difference between understanding based on keeping-in-mind and understanding through experiencing. Sound and objects allow her to inflate dense scientific topics to room-scale installations which offer more space and dimensions for comprehension. 

In her introductory talk to the Interface Cultures department, Marta will shed light on her research questions, presenting examples of past projects and illustrating how she plans to work in the context of her PhD Research Collective scholarship.

Marta Beauchamp (UK/IT, born 1990, based in Vienna) works as an artistic researcher, sound artist and musician. Her sound installations develop around data drawn from publications about biological rhythms; in her PhD in practice project “Tipping points in transmediation” she investigates her artistic practice of transmediation of data into installations. She is part of the international sound collective “A meeting place for sounds” and social media manager at micro-museum for sound TONSPUR, MQ Wien. She plays cello and bass in the electronica and improvisation duo beauchamp*geissler, with whom she performs internationally. She has released albums on Quadratisch Rekords and Goldgelb Records. 

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