Sankt Interface | 2023


Salma Ahmed Idris
Ali Ahmed Alyan
Aiub Ahmad
Beatriz do Amaral
Andrea Corradi
Lucia Felicitas Claus
Mehmet Çolak
Volkan Dinçer
Chenwei Fan
Daniel Fischer
Hanif Haghtalab
Ghazal Hosseini
Thomas Christian Schlager
Camilla Scholz
Flavia Luna Somarriba Perez-Desoy
Lilly Marie Stelzer
Fernanda Vicente Rivera

Sankt Interface 2023

Date: December 7th, 2023 at 17:30
Venue: Kunstuniversität Linz - Audimax & Dokapi, Domgasse 1, 4020, Linz

This year’s event includes the keynote “Platform Capitalism 4.0” by Marta Peirano, a journalist specialized in technology and power. Among her activities she has founded newspapers, organised cryptoparties, curated biennials and published books such as “El pequeño Libro Rojo del activista en la Red” (The Little Red Book of Online Activism), an essay on cryptography with a foreword by Edward Snowden, “The Enemy Knows the System”, a text discussing online digital feudalism and political manipulation and her latest book "Against the Future: Citizen resistance to climate feudalism”. She is a well-known public speaker and long-time advocate of free software, digital privacy and the radical decentralization of the critical infrastructure.

“Platform Capitalism 4.0”
It is the best of times and it is the worst of times. The historical cycle that began with the dot-com crisis is now ending dramatically with the trials of Google, Amazon, and Meta for antitrust practices and general toxicity. These 20 years of techno positivism have driven us into a humanitarian, economic, and environmental crisis. However, the advent of chatGPT and the era of AI does not signal the end of the so-called Platform Capitalism but rather a new phase of refinement and specialization. It is then more important than ever to recognize its strategies in order to thrive fairly and sustainably for all.

Photo © Alvaro Minguito 2020