Sankt Interface | 2022


Aizhan Saganayeva
Auresl Wildfellner
Stella Grübler
Lina Pulido Barragan
Alessia Fallica
Behiye Erdemir
Doğuş Karlık
Emma Silvana Tripaldi
Sophia Yuseung Lee
Katsuki Nogami
Martina Pizzigoni
Miguel Rangil Gallardo
Sofia Talanti
Till Schönwetter
Yuma Yanagisawa

Sankt Interface 2022

This year’s event includes the keynote Sašo Sedlaček, Professor at ALUO University, one of the most prominent Slovenian artists, whose work explores various social phenomena particularly the practice of recycling. For Sedlaček, poverty and waste are the key issues, which are of great significance to our future. Sašo has exhibited extensively around the world including 6 Taipei Biennial, Taiwan, Land(e)scape, Kunstlerhaus Graz, Institute for Advanced Media Art and Science, Ogaki, Japan, Public Turbulence, ISOLA Art Center, Milano, Museum In The Street, Museum of Modern Art Ljubljana, ISCP Open Studio, New York, Future Nomad, Vox Populi, Philadelphia etc.

Keynote in collaboration with Aksioma - Institute for Contemporary Art, Ljubljana. Supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and the Municipality of Ljubljana.

Sankt Interface 2022

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