Long road to Ars Electronica 2016

Today started the long road that will bring us to the Ars Electronica exibition from 8 to 12 of Semptember.

The big machine of the organinzation it’s start to moving, this afternoon we had the first meeting with all the people of the staff and as you can see in the photo we are all ready.



New fresh idea are on the desk and in the mind of the pool of person that are encharged to choose the name of the exhibition.

Here is the official list of the student that will partecipate and the name of their project :

Patricia Cadavid H.   #12OCT

Nathan Yao Guo, Much Zhang   Alibi

Gabriela Gordillo Arrhythmia

Martín Nadal, Cesar Escudero Andaluz  BitterCoin

Julia Nüßlein, Irene Ródenas Green Filter

Jens Vetter, Sarah Leimcke  Homo Restis

Amaia Vicente Garcia  Is Europe a Utopia?

Or Wollf   Musicalender. Analog_Digital

Oliver Lehner  Shopping Mill

Johannes Wernicke  Sonolith

Qian Xu Suan

Chiara Esposito  Domes


hot update very soon


Stay tuned!