/ Gabriela Gordillo (MX), Irene Ródenas (ES)

Fuzzy_Logic Machine

Fuzzy_Logic Machine is a Light and Sound Interface designed to control the values of a sound device through analogue manipulation. A set of sensors is triggered by light parameters within a three-dimensional space which can be manually accessed.

The instrument questions the need of self-made systems that allow a different manner of contact with technology and abstract principles, making possible the development of critical interactions. This project follows an interest in developing transparent interfaces that allow the interaction with mechanisms by revealing them, rather than hiding their parts and then offering the possibility to change it.

A concern of this work is how environment and context affects our behavior and the behavior of machines as well. It is also an exploration of the languages that a machine can have, how it is communicating with itself and with human-beings during the interaction.

All images by Gabriela Gordillo and Irene Ródenas