10 Years of IC – Alumni Meeting

6th September 2014, from 16.00 to 18.00

The third format is the Interface Cultures Alumni Meeting. Interface Cultures graduates will give short presentations about themselves and their current working places and jobs. They will show how their studies influenced their professional carriers.

Here the Interface Cultures Alumni that will participate at the meeting.

after the Alumni Meeting, from 18.00 to 19.00
Interface Cultures Live Performances

Ana Čigon

Sequence 01.Still001aAna Čigon completed her undergraduate studies in Painting and postgraduate studies in Video at the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts and Design. She also received an MA in Interface Cultures in Kunstuniversität Linz in Austria. She has presented her works in several solo exhibitions in Slovenia and in numerous group exhibitions internationally. She has received several awards and selections in the field of visual art.

35She mainly works in video, performance and new media. The ideas she develops in her works have a broader thematic range. Mostly they are related to the exploration of the self – subjectivity and its social, historic and political construction. In her latest art projects she is dealing with feminist topics, focusing on the issue of underrepresentation of women in the art world and the importance of the re-evaluation of the ways of historisation of art. In her works she many times uses humorous, ironic or even sarcastic elements.



Andrea Suter

Andrea Suter is a Swiss artist that is concerned with the perception of the things surrounding us. Her work is an exploration of the everyday and researches its possibly inherent ambiguous characteristics.

Her work questions the perception of the familiar, its functions as well as material properties. It is an interplay between the restraint and the playful.

As she engages with the tactile qualities of things, their functions and material properties, the process deals with juxtapositions of letting things do what they do anyway and making them do what they would not under normal circumstances. The material nature of her work is multi- medial but has its roots in the sculptural and functional and is of documentary character.

Prior the her MA at Interface Culture Andrea Suter holds an MA in Fine Art from Byam Shaw School of Art, London and a BA (Honours) from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London.



Fabrizio Lamoncha

Fabrizio Lamoncha is an artist, designer and maker. M.A. Interface Cultures in June 2014, with an academic background in Architecture, Fine Arts and Design. Currently based in Berlin, he collaborates with the Design Research Lab Berlin in the design and prototype process of different projects and events.

poo printer photo_ Florian VoggenederHis personal artistic research emerges from the fields of Cultural Studies, with special interests in the Animal Studies and current paradigms of Bio-politics, Ecology and Geography. His work as interactive artist merges aesthetic research with the use of technology, creating experiences for dialogical communication interspecies. The artist believes that the sensible treatment of the subject of study though the use of interactive tools could lead to a better understanding of the natural world, and therefore to a better understanding of our responsibilities as privileged inhabitants of it.

His latest project Poo Printer received the prize VIDA14.0 in the category of artistic productions incentives.


Harald Moser

Harald Moser is Artist, Craftsman, Technician, Researcher and Driver of the „Urban Media Development“ Unit in Ars Electronica´s Solutions Department. For his PhD he explores the field of Location Based Services which are connecting closely to everyone’s daily life experiences through using the WWW & APPs. Trough this participation everyone is creating “small” data continuously.

data representation: a urban & artistic insight
Every day, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created. This data comes from digital pictures, videos, posts to social media sites, intelligent sensors, purchase transaction records, cell phone GPS signals, government data to name a few. This is Big Data [1].

This amount of data will increase, which leds us to an overwhelming amount of data we have to GoEget along with. In the context of urban driven solutions – new ways of visualization (and filtering processes) had been created and will be invented to get across this data in a very intuitive way.

Besides that artists are confronted to visualize any kind of data sets they are interested in. Here
one can see many interesting projects starting from the physical data representation approach.
1. Big Data for Good. A distinguished panel of experts discuss how Big Data can be used to create Social Capital. by Roberto V. Zicari, Laura Haas, IBM Fellow and Director Institute for Massive Data, Analytics and Modeling IBM Research. (2012)


Irmgard Falkinger-Reiter

Born in Vienna/Austria in 1955 Irmgard Falkinger-Reiter studied at University of Veterinary Medicine from 1973 to 1980, achieving doctoral degree. Afterwards she worked as veterinary surgeon, starting in Nuremberg/Germany, then founded an independent small animal practice in Freistadt/OÖ, and 1990 together with her husband a veterinary company for dairy cows.

QmusiQscreenshotAlways being interested in various fields of fine arts and development of technology this led her to create different hybrid projects joining science, medicine, graphics, photography, textile techniques and many more.

As Interface Cultures Institute was founded in 2004 she started her studies at KunstUniLinz, graduating 2011 with “QmusiQ – Digital Cow Music. Artistic Modification, Sonification, and Visualisation of Production Data from 8 Simmental Dairy Cows”

In her study years, she took part in the annual interface culture institute’s group exhibitions at Ars Electronica, presenting “enlightened collection” and “sCANNEDOBJECTs” in 2006, “mousex.vip” in 2007, and interactive installation of “QmusiQ” in Brucknerhaus 2011.


Jaak Kaevats

ars_2014_kaevatsJaak Kaevats (born 1988 in Tallinn) works collaboratively across disciplines researching the implications and possible applications of emerging technologies, developing interfaces and environments in the intersection of design, technology and human condition. He received MA from the Interface Cultures Lab in Austria. Previously he has worked at ART+COM in Berlin and been a researcher at the Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences in Japan. His works have been exhibited internationally at: EXPO 2010 (CN), MuseumsQuartier (AT), Austrian Sculpturepark (AT), IAMAS (JP), Science Gallery (UK), Saatchi Gallery (UK) and Ars Electronica (AT).


Javier Lloret

puzzle_facade_1Javier Lloret’s [ES] work crosses boundaries between media art and design. In addition to his MA in “Interface Culture”, he also holds a Master in “Lens-Based Media” from Piet Zwart Institute (Rotterdam, The Netherlands). He currently works as a lecturer and researcher at The Patching Zone (Rotterdam, The Netherlands).

His interface culture’s graduation project, Puzzle Facade, has won several international awards (SEGD Global Design,European Design Bronze Award, Creativity Award in Alternative Media, :output Distinction Award).

His Lens-Based Media’s graduation project, Detached Series, has been exhibited at international video art festivals and has recently become part of the permanent Contemporary Art collection of the region of Cantabria (Spain).

His work has been exhibited at venues including Ars Electronica Festval (Linz), Enter 5 Biennale (Prague), Media Facades Festival Europe (Berlin), TENT (Rotterdam), Madatac (Madrid), Simultan Festival (Timisoara), ACE showcase (Lisbon), Node 08 (Frankfurt), Robot festival (Bologna), Santraistambul (Istambul) and Medialab-Prado (Madrid).


Mauro Arrighi

Mauro_Arrighi_smallI am involved in Interactive Art, Sonic Art and Media Aesthetics.

Between 2001 and 2007, I have been lecturer of new-media art at the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice and, since 2012, at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna. I have been living in Japan between 2009 and 2012 as scholar and artist; I am currently enrolled as PhD student at the Solent Southampton University in UK.

During the last two years, I have released four albums and one single as music composer.

On 2011, I published the book “Japanese Spell in Electronic Art” and various essays about new-media Japanese art.

My digital paintings have been reviewed in Computer Graphics and Publishing and Computer Arts Italy, and some of my videos, audio/video performances and interactive works have been exhibited at various venues in Japan (Pantaloon art gallery in Osaka, IAMAS in Ogaki, Kyoto University), at the International Biennales of Art and Architecture (Venice), at the Ars Electronica Festival (Linz), at SoundLAB and VideoChannel (Cologne), at Circuito Off International Short Film Festival (Venice), at San Lorenzo de el Escorial (Madrid), at the International Festival of Computer Arts in Ljubljana, at the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation (Venice), at the MTV U Load competition, at the Netherlands Media Art Institute NIMk and the 5-days off festival (Amsterdam), at the Future Film Festival (Bologna), at A+A art gallery (Venice) and at the Milan Art Fair.

https://www.linkedin.com/in/mauroarrighi / mauro.arrighi@me.com


Onur Sönmez

IMG_8343Onur Sönmez is a designer, who has a wide range of interest in interaction design / interface design research. He exhibited in many places such as Venice Biennale Architecture, Saatchi Gallery London, Ars Electronica (2005,07,08,09,10,12,13), Media Facade Festival Europe, Linz 09 European Capital of Culture, IAMAS / Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences Japan, TodaysArt Festival 2012 Den Haag, “Wearable Technology – Netherlands Media Art Institute (NIMk) – 5 DAYS OFF Festival – Amsterdam, Pixelache Festival Istanbul, Medialab Prado Madrid etc. After receiving his BA degree(with Honours) in Visual Communication Design at the Istanbul Bilgi University with full scholarship he moved to Linz / Austria, completed his Masters degree of Interface Cultures at the Kunstuniversitat Linz and worked for Ars Electronica Futurelab and Bosch Design Studio Münich.



Ricardo O’Nascimento

Ricardo O’Nascimento in an artist and researcher in the field of new media and interactive art.

He has been producing interactive pieces that are exhibited, published and awarded worldwide.

He investigates body- environment relations focused on innovative, tech-driven couture, interactive installations, sculpture and photography.





Thomas Layer-Wagner


Thomas Layer-Wagner, artist, designer and researcher. His passion is to envision, prototype and create new forms of interaction and experiences ranging from media art installations to digital games.

Currently he works as researcher and lecturer for the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences. His research in PELS (Pervasive Experience Lab Salzburg) focuses on playful interactive installations for urban public space, where he worked on a tracking tool for interactive floor projections on public squares. He is co-founder of Polycular a Startup for innovative location-based, AR or mobile games. Together with Robert Praxmarer he develops a mobile game about sustainability for children and youth. His interest is the combination of art, design and technology dealing with media art, mixed reality, human computer interaction, pervasive computing and games.

There are two websites of interest. One from the research project at University and one from our Startup.


Tim Devine

Tim_Devine_081_pTim Devine is the Creative Technologist at DT and co-founder of Media Lab Melbourne: a research lab focusing on critical design, science and technology. He is a prolific creator, working with new and old media to create compelling, truly unique experiences. His latest work, SIPA: Stereoscopic Internal Projection Aparatus is born from a fascination to subvert and play with our perception of mind – the almost sacred dark we experience when we close our eyes. This dark is a reflection back, into the place from which our thoughts emanate and our sense of being resides. It plays with the idea of where experiences occur – for the experiencer, the viewer of the experiencer and the documentation of the experience. Although a multidiscipline collaboration, it is a rich contemplation for Devine on the very idea of experience or interaction.


Timm Wilks

Integrated Virtuality
The virtual world got ubiquitous and so did information. We don’t want it just to be inside a mobile or a computer – information should be just everywhere.  But, how to merge reality and virtuality? How to make products more attractive? How to really simplify our lives?  As Creative Director I have been developing ideas, to integrate technique and media in daily life. In my talk I’ll use examples of shows, to give a quick journey over the steps we achieved over the past years.

Timm Wilks
Starting at Art+Com in Berlin and the Futurelab in Linz, Timm Wilks now is Creative Director at ZIBERT+FRIENDS in Munich. There, he creates Brand Appearances for clients such as Volkswagen, MINI, BMWi and Telefonica.

Seite6 Seite5


Vesela Mihaylova

Vesela Mihaylova is a media artist and designer currently based in Linz, Austria. She has often collaborated with artists of diverse nationalities and her work has been exhibited internationally. Her latest projects have emphasis on food as a medium.