Warm up last episode

Here we are with the last, but not least, presentation of the work exhibited this year from the IC lab


Johannes Wernicke

The installation consists of a seemingly solid monolith/cuboid hanging from the ceiling. It looks like it floats. When the visitors inspect it from a nearer distance odd wave-like movements can be seen emerging on its surface. The material seems to change its gaseous state, starting to seem rather soft or even appearing liquid.


Sonolith_Johannes Wernicke




Suan (chinese: to calculate) is an installation projecting fractal patterns and animations based on parameter input from an abacus.

The visitors participate by playing with the abacus. A hidden camera captures the numbers, which the participants enter on the abacus. These numbers will be used as different parameters to generate different fractal images. 

The work shows the charm of mathematics from a different approach. Filled with cultural and artistic inspirations, it is also accessible to people from different age ranges, education levels and nationalities. One does not need to know exactly what’s going on with the complex calculation to enjoy the beauty of mathematics.

Suan_Qian Xu

The Domes

Chiara Esposito

The Domes are sound sculptures made out of ceramic. Their metallic glaze, a traditional decoration technique, works as a sensing element. The sculpture senses the touch of the visitor and reacts by resonating.

Ceramic artists: Rita Lonardo, Renato Brancaccio

Thanks to Svenja Keune, Massimo Scamarcio, Marialuisa Capurso





So now you know all the works, the exhibition it’s almost ready in the next few day i will tell you adventure form ARS