Warm Up chapter one

To arrive enough warm for our exhibition “Speculative Materialities”

i will present some work that will be exhibit:


Gabriela Gordillo

Arritmia is a sound installation of an ongoing composition made out of rhythms of everyday life. Visitors are able to set different loops, according to the duration of daily activities in a time-frame of 24 hours. The data is transformed into an audible sequence, that makes it possible to observe these patterns, mix them, and relate them to others. Arritmia, questions the subjectivity behind routine and repetition, through regarding the multiplicity of the uses of time, and the appropriations of personal rhythms that coexist with the ones imposed.

Arrhythmia_Gabriela Gordillo






Martín Nadal, Cesar Escudero Andaluz

Bittercoin is an old calculating machine hacked to be used as a miner validating the pending bitcoins transactions in the blockchain (online distributed database). BitterCoin combines the Internet of Things, media archaeology and economy. The operations are displayed on the calculator screen and printed afterwards.

The bitcoin was originally conceived as an electronic decentralized system for capital transactions. Each node (user) had the same opportunities to get a reward when validating a transaction. 

In the last years this system has triggered a competitive struggle in which computing power is the most important variable for earning bitcoins. This involves the use of large equipment, computer farms requiring physical and environmental resources. A struggle that benefits only the owner of the most powerful and efficient technology. BitterCoin takes up this discourse in a rhetorical way. It works as the most basic computer, increasing the time needed to produce bitcoins to almost an eternity.

Bitter Coin_Nadal_Escudero





Green Filter

Julia Nüßlein, Irene Ródenas Sáinz

With the speculative design project Green Filter, the artists Irene Ródenas and Julia Nüßlein propose a symbiosis between humans and nature.

The visitor is invited to imagine we’d be using nature’s elaborate ways to filter the air that we breathe, instead of causing polluted air and ecological imbalance by exploiting the earth for plastic and oil. Imagine plants being part of our every move, and every human having a pet plant.

Green Filter consists of wearable objects made from plants and natural materials that filter the air we breath. The objects challenge habits and assumptions, and encourage critical thinking about our position on planet Earth.

Green Filter

Julia Nüßlein, Irene Ródenas Sáinz de Baranda

Mit dem spekulativen Designprojekt Green Filter stellen die Künstler Irene Ródenas und Julia Nüßlein eine Symbiose zwischen Menschen und der Natur vor.

Der Besucher wird eingeladen, sich vorzustellen, wir würden die kunstvollen Mechanismen der Natur dazu verwenden unsere Atemluft zu filtern, anstatt, durch die Ausbeutung der Erde zur Gewinnung von Plastik und Öl, die Luft zu verunreinigen und das ökologische Gleichgewicht zu stören. Was wäre wenn Pflanzen uns bei jeder Bewegung umgeben würden, und jeder Mensch sich um seine Pflanze wie um ein Haustier kümmern würde?

Green Filter besteht aus tragbaren Objekten die die Atemluft filtern, entworfen aus Pflanzen und natürlichen Materialien. Die Objekte stellen Gewohnheiten und Annahmen infrage und ermutigen zum kritischen Nachdenken über unsere Position auf diesem Planeten.


Green Filter_Julia Nüßlein_Irene Ródenas