Underwater Lilies

Underwater Lilies is the celebratory materialization that follows up on the collective research and exchange carried out by students of the Interface Cultures department around the topic of water memories.  


The resulting installation takes advantage of the vitrine aesthetics provided by the Kunsthalle Linz to accentuate the artificial separation of the audience and the artwork on display. Instead, the symbolic space is filled with water pumped directly from the nearby river, providing an artificial—and yet real—space for contemplation and intention. 

Imagine yourself as a river, static and yet in constant flux. A true milieu, always in the middle, where things merge into one another at their edges, stretching into two or more directions at once. Life begins axiomatically in, from and with that middle. Life ends in that middle too.

Location: Kunsthalle Linz – Danube park nearby Café Florentine

Click here to watch it live!

Underwater Lilies is a project developed by: Viktoria Angyal, Maria Dirneder, Behiye Erdemir, Daniel Fischer, Dogus Karlik, Marja Konstantinova, Jelena Mönch, Maria Orciuoli & Lina Pulido Barragán.

Curated by Fabricio Lamoncha, in collaboration with Interface Cultures, Kunstuniversität Linz and Kunsthalle Linz.