15 Years of Interface Cultures
Exhibition and Events
September 5-9 Post City
Ars Electronica Festival 2019

A call to fiction and to new translation processes of our reality

Transcoding, a term from computer science, is an invitation to our exhibition of young artists from
the Interface Cultures department on the one hand, and to a possible active transformation of our thinking, functioning and “fictioning” on the other. Because: transcoding in the conventional sense means the direct conversion from one digital coding into another, which usually does not take place without loss.

But doesn’t loss mean a limited way of seeing?
A view based on values such as “the original,” “the first and true?” But what if we engage in a translation process that respects the original but appreciates the benefits of the new readability of the converted content?
To what extent should transcoding processes not also challenge existing dispositive, imagination, courage to fiction and leaving (the one) reality and its security norms?

Christa Sommerer
Laurent Mignonneau
Manuela Naveau
Maša Jazbec
Fabricio Lamoncha

Michaela Ortner
Gertrude Hörlesberger

Isabella Auer
Sofia Braga
Wesley Lee
Onur Olgaç
Giacomo Piazzi
Antonio Zingaro



Supported by the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy under the Higher Education Structural Fund Austria.

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