Smirna Kulenović • DANU

Interface Cultures Guestlecture Series

Smirna Kulenović  // DANU
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DANU explores the topics of ritualistic microperformativity of the river and channeling embodied ecological liquids. Working in the intersection between bacterial growth patterns and dance notation systems, we will explore how water-based microbes influence rituals and how can rituals evolve from observing microbes. This workshop brings together MA students from University of Arts and Design Linz (Interface Cultures) and Anton Bruckner Private University (Dance Institute) – to a practice-based transdisciplinary collaboration, through which they experience the process of co-creating a performance for AEC Deep Space 8K. The final result of the workshop will premiere in Ars Electronica Festival 2022, with the technical support of Ars Electronica FutureLabs. All students will be mentored and guided through the process of transdisciplinary research, conceptualization, collaboration and materialization of a joint performance for the interactive environment of Deep Space 8K

As the central point of the intersection between the concepts of micro and macro ecologies and rituals, or the microbial-human-ecosystem relationship – is our local ecological context, the river Danube.

This production-oriented workshop and series of lectures will take place twice per month over the period of 3 months (April-June), with the same group of students from both Universities. Students will have a chance to take part in various forms of their personal choice: from interactive scenography design for Deep Space 8K, audiovisual experiments, contemporary performance, movement research, music/sound, photography/video and fashion design. Through this workshop/lecture, the students will establish a temporary transdisciplinary art collective and learn how to collaborate in a large team of artists, while working on a professional performance production.

The workshop is a result of the MA Research graduation (June 2022) by the transdisciplinary artist Smirna Kulenovic, about embodied micro and macro ecologies, titled “Performing Landscapes of Care”, as well as her ongoing collaboration with MA Julia Moser (Fashion and Technology), regarding bacterial dyeing processes, and Phd. Researcher and Lecturer Damian Cortes Alberti (Bruckner University), regarding movement research.


Smirna Kulenović is a transdisciplinary artist, researcher and educator based in Vienna, Austria. She is currently graduating (2022) from the department of Interface Cultures at the University of Arts and Design Linz (MA), Austria with her thesis “Performing Landscapes of Care” and collaborating with Ars Electronica Center (BioLab and Deep Space). Her practice focuses on performance, participatory, and public art – as methods of addressing cultural, personal and environmental embodiments of identity and memory in post-crisis landscapes. Her latest artistic research focuses on interspecies dialogue and ritualistic microperformativity in the production of analogue and digital mnemonic landscapes.

She is the founder and artistic coordinator of the Collective for artistic research in public space Dobre Kote in Lisbon (Portugal) and Sarajevo (BiH) and the international Nomadic Collective for Performing Spontanoues Action TAZ 22 (Brazil, Italy, France, Portugal, Austria, Bosnia), as well as the curator and founder of the independent art gallery “Brodac” in Sarajevo. Her works are shown, performed and kept in collections internationally from the Royal Institute of Arts Stockholm, Courtauld Institute of Arts London, Careof Milan, Atelier Concorde Paris, Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, the History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the National Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Maneouvre Gallery Berlin, Zaratan Lisbon,…


Damián Cortés Alberti is a multidisciplinary artist, born in Argentina. In 2019 he acquire the academic degree of Master of Arts, Dance Education from the Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität Linz, where he currently also teaches. Also, he studied Tango Argentino with renowned teachers, Theatre at the Universidad Nacional de Cordoba (U.N.C), and violin in the Suzuki Method Cordoba. Damian continues his research in the field of art by doing a PhD at the Kunstuniversität Linz, Austria. Since 2016 he is actively involved as a freelance dancer, singer and choreographer in different productions in Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, Belgium, Macedonia, Slovakia and South Korea.


Julia Moser holds a master degree in Fashion and Technology and textil·art·design from art university Linz. While working at the interface of design, art and research her focus lies on material innovation and biodesign. Her artistic works have been shown at Nordico Kunstmuseum/AT, at OK/AT, at Salzamt/AT, at IFK/AT, at the Minitextile Biennale/CZ/SVK as well as the Al-Tarhal Gallerie/OM and on fairs like NEW DESIGNERS/UK or Première Vision/FR.


FRI / 08.04. – 10.15h – 13.15h – Kunstuni, Outdoors
FRI / 29.04. – 10.15h – 13.15h – Ars Electronica BioLAB and Deep Space


FRI / 06.05. Start 16.30h – 19.30h – Bruckner Uni
FRI / 20.05. Start 10.15h – 13.15h – Ars Electronica Deep Space

THU / 09.06. – 10.15 – 17.15h – Bruckner Uni, Ars Electronica Deep Space
FRI / 24.06. – Short Testing at Ars Electronica, Closing of the Workshop