Quantified Perspectives: Rethinking Data Narratives @ Computational Creativity Hub at University of Luxembourg

A work in progress-exhibition by Critical Data students from the Interface Cultures department of the University of Art and Design, Linz.

In the context of the collaborative lecture Critical Data of the Interface Cultures department, students of the Kunstuniversität Linz exchanged ideas with professors and PhD candidates of the University of Luxembourg, Faculty of Science, Technology, and Medicine, Department of Computer Science in the summer semester 2023. The students developed works that looked critically at how data is used when deploying deep learning computer programs and how machine learning is influencing society: e.g. in the way we think about how memories might be influenced by AI, how diversity can be approached through data, how the status of in-between in datasets can be visualized and contribute to quality questions in data, how questions of gender can be unlearned and how value can be created while seeing the unseen. The students trace the different voices and worlds at the intersection of art and technology in a speculative manner and question forms of perception of people vs. machines.

Together with the initiator of this program, Prof. Manuela Naveau, the students are invited to Luxembourg not only to exhibit the resulting works in progress in the Computational Creativity Hub but also to present artistic/scientific posters related to their research and discuss their work in joint reflection rounds.

During the summer semester, the students were supported by the initiator of this program, Prof. Manuela Naveau from Kunstuni Linz and Daniel Karpati, PhD candidate at the University of Luxembourg researching AI&Ethics, who facilitated this collaboration together with his supervisor Prof. Christoph Schommer a renowned expert of machine learning and Professor in Artificial Intelligence.

To show and materialise their works in the University of Luxembourg’s exhibition space, the students also exchanged ideas with Prince Yaw Gharbin, PhD candidate at the University of Luxembourg (supervisor: Prof. Christoph Schommer), who supported the set-up of the works-in-process.

The exhibition is featuring the following works and students:

Viktória Angyal (HU/AT), Reconsolidated Memories

Behiye Erdemir & Ozan Tezvaran (TR) , Dataset of In-between

Jelena Mönch & Miguel Rangil (DE/ES), Unlearning Gender

Linaá Pulido Barragan & Katherine Romero Martinez (CO), Sonic Memories

Kathrine Hardman (US), E-Waste && <e_waste>

Maria Orciuoli (IT), Raindrop Price Index – You Cannot Refill A Sea With Tears

Quantified Perspectives: Rethinking Data Narratives

Quantified Perspectives: Rethinking Data Narratives


Opening with the Artists:
June 15th 2023, 18:00 (followed by drinks reception)

Workshop and Poster Presentations:
June 15th 2023, 13:00 – 17:00

Maison du Nombre, 1.030 (1st floor), Belval Campus, University of Luxembourg. 6 Av. de la Fonte, L-4364, Esch-sur-Alzette

Exhibition duration:
June 16th 2023 – July 6th, 2023

Computational Creativity Hub (CCH), Maison du Savoir Administration Building (ground floor), Belval Campus, University of Luxembourg. 2 Avenue de l’Université, L-4365 Esch-sur-Alzette

Poster design by Viktória Angyal

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