Play Admont – Regionale10

The Interface Culture faculty is well represented at the Play Admont exhibition, which will be shown from June 3rd until November 7th at the Styrian monastery as part of the Regionale10 festival for contemporary art. In addition to the Lifewriter by Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau and the Reactable by Martin Kaltenbrunner, Play Admont provides an international selection of contemporary interactive art.

Active participation enables the visitor to enter into a dialogue with an extended, socially-anchored sculptural milieu and gain admittance to a user-orientated environment that provides for a wide diversity of different transactions and forms of expression thanks to the incorporation of digital technologies. Choreographic objects, location-specific acoustic installations, situationally related spatial installations, interactive machines, performance activity participation, ephemeral experimental designs and developing archives assimilate visitors into the creative artistic process itself – it is only through the complementary elements of interaction and participation that the exhibits reveal their full potential.