Net.Art pioneer Alexei Shulgin at Sankt Interface 2019

Interface Cultures invited lectures series
In the frame of Sankt Interface 2019

6th December 2019
keynote from 18.20 to 19.00
Audimax, Domgasse 1, Kunstuniversität Linz

In my talk at Sankt Interface I will speak about the 90’s – time of hopes and delusions, about online communities and collaborations, and also how few projects of the “heroic” net art scene of the 90’s came to life. Back then, both aesthetic and communication qualities of the new, online world were being formed through revolutionary artistic projects and activities. More specifically – I will focus on two interface-related projects of mine – Form Art and Desktop IS that resulted from intense online communication.

Alexei Shulgin, born in 1963, Lives and works in Moscow;
Artist, curator, educator; He was one of the pioneers of Internet art in the 1990’s;
From 1998 – frontman in 386 DX cyberpunk rock band;