Markus Pargfrieder • Digital brand-experience in real space

Interface Cultures Invited Lectures Series

Markus Pargfrieder // Digital brand-experience in real space
Tuesday, 9th of November, 2021 // 11:00 – 12:00

ONLINE on MS Teams

We have been living in the so-called Experience Economy for quite some time now. But what does this mean for brands? And how have the requirements for the presentation and communication of a brand changed as a result? In addition, digital technologies are advancing in all areas of life and are permanently changing the expectations of customers and creating new needs. Against this background, Responsive Spaces has been dealing for years with the digital brand experiences, which still take place in real space as well. Markus Pargfrieder, founder and CEO of Responsive Spaces, provides insights into this still young but exciting field of activity with a bit of theory and many (inter)national examples.

Markus “MMeX” Pargfrieder

CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER bei Responsive Spaces | connecting opposites
Bereits vor dem Jahr 2000 richtete sich der Fokus von Markus auf die digitale Welt und ihre Möglichkeiten. Bis zur Gründung der Responsive Spaces verbrachte er sein gesamtes berufliches Leben bei der Digital-Agentur Netural. Technischer Wandel und die damit verbundenen ständig neuen Möglichkeiten, schüchtern ihn nicht sein, sondern bewirken das exakte Gegenteil. “Connecting opposites” kommt nicht von irgendwo. Zwischen den Technologien, in deren Kombination, bringt “MMeX” seine PS auf die Straße.

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