Interface Technologies II

15th to 17th May, IC hosted the Interface Technologies 2 workshop, proposed by Stefano Vannotti and Alexander Wilhelm with the title “Designing Ultra Private and Secure Communication Tools and Services”

The aim of the workshop has been the research and the design of communication tools that could assure and support a private and secure way of communicating in specific situations. After the analysis of some specific daily situations, the main activity of the three days has been the conceptual development of an interface who would allow a private communication between two or more people. At the end of the process the outcome is four prototypes for concepts of objects or infrastructure to assure the data exchange.

Dandelion, a puff-based interface for a private communication through an intimate kinetic language based on movement and color.

Datanic Verse, a prototype for a secret data-exchange infrastructure which is based on the same participants of the exchange as a way to transmit encrypted information.

The CMYK Bomber, a urban-marking messaging interface that is printing private or semi-private messages on public surfaces.

Open Army Knife, a multi-media input-output devices that can be used in various scenarios to communicate and detect the level of security of the channel.

A complete documentation of the design process and conceptual background of the workshop are online on this address.