ICMC New York

Out of 1700 applications Andreas Weixler’s work for Pi got selected for presentation at the ICMC – International Computer Music Conference.The ICMC is one of the most important conference concerning computer music and is held every year in different country, this year it was held in New York City and Stony Brook from 1. – 5. June 2010.

For Pi is an electro-acoustic multichannel composition composed at the TU-Studio Berlin. At ICMC it was selected for the dance concert, which was performed by two brilliant dancers Laurie Berg and Siri Peterson. The joy was on both sides, the dancers really liked the new experience of contemporary music and also the audience was pleased with the artistic interpretation.

Beside the interesting concerts, videos and performances, the paper presentations were on a high level. Also several studio reports have been particularly interesting: Music Research Centre, Department of Music, University Of York IRCAM: Coordinating Musical Research At IRCAM, Music Technology At Penn State University Forums, University of Oslo – Lab Report Georgia Southern University, Studio Report The Brooklyn College Center For Computer Music, City University Of New York.

Se-Lien Chuang´s pieces also got selected for video installation. die Wege entstehen im Gehenis based on recording of Japanese cicadas “Semi”. The audio was processed and composed and SARC Sonic Arts Research Center in Belfast, the Video in our Atelier Avant Austria, the premier was in the DeepSpace of the Ars Electronica Center last year.

It was very inspiring meeting professionals, like composer João Pedro Oliveira, kinetic sculptor Gary di Benedetto among others. Daria Semegen, associate professor of composition, director of the Electronic Music Studio, Stony Brook University, showed an original 70´s electronic studio with a still working Buchla synthesizer!