Guest Lecture: Giorgio Rinolfi | Aerial Media Arts and LuminousBees

Interface Cultures invited lectures series

Giorgio Rinolfi
Aerial Media Arts and LuminousBees
an Open Source robotic swarm ecosystem for public Arts

Tuesday, 3rdof December, 2019/ 12:00 AM
Interface Culture Lecture Room
Kunstuniversität Linz, Domgasse 1, 3rd floor, DO0327

The development of the services and applications in the shared airspace and the lack of awareness in terms of its potential community use, has started the creation of “Aerial MediaArts”. Ongoing research has in “swarm robotics” the main tool for artistic investigation, performance and dataset visualization for the community.

Giorgio Rinolfi (1980, Genoa Italy) is an Italian Media Artist, Technologist and currently is working on his PhD research at Genoa university on “Aerial Media Arts”.