Feminist AI lecture series @ University of Arts Linz

7. Sept., 11. Okt., 8. und 22. Nov., 13. Dez. 2023 und 10. Jän. 2024 – ONLINE via Webex

Die Vortragsreihe, initiert von der Forschungsgruppe Critical Data der Abteilung Interface Cultures und dem akg (Arbeitskreis für Gleichbehandlungsfragen) der Kunstuniversität Linz, präsentiert inspirierende Vorträge zu Gender und KI.

In a technological landscape, where media discourse on AI is dominated by longtermism and hegemonic male, cis-gendered voices, discussions on the current power dynamics within the global AI ecosystem, and the subsequent impact onsociety is a main concern. Looking into AI through the perspective of gender and feminist thought, has allowed artists and scholars to interrogate the technology and its surrounding infrastructure through a critical lens, to rethink current structures and processes that define AI technology, but also to speculateon possible AI futures.

The Feminist AI lecture series will present inspiring lectures on gender and AI. Throughout this autumn, the series will bring together a diverse range of lectures by artists and scholars working at the intersection of technology, art and gender, who will present how feminist thinking and intersectional experience has influenced their work.

The Feminist AI lecture series is initiated by the Critical Data research group at Interface Cultures department and the akg (workinggroup for equal opportunities) of University of Arts Linz.

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7.09.2023 17PM (CEST)
Elena Knox (AU)
Jelena Mönch (DE/AT) & Miguel Rangil (ES/AT)

11.10.2023 17PM (CEST)
Kerry McInerney (UK)
Caroline Sinders (US)

08.11.2023 17PM (CEST)
Petra Gemeinböck (AT) – physical lecture & performance
Noor Stenfert Kroese (NL)

22.11.2023 17PM (CEST)
Paola Ricaurte Quijano (MX)
Alexia Achilleos (CY/FI)

13.12.2023 17PM (CEST)
Catherine D’Ignazio (US)
Vanessa Graf (AT)

10.01.2024 17PM (CEST)
Os Keyes (US)
Qingyi Ren (CN/UK/CH)

The Critical Data course is part of the Interface Cultures Masterprogramme / Institute of Media at University of Arts Linz. Critical Data examines the relationship between artists, critical mediation and use of data, dataprocessing systems and related knowledge. Not only can artists make visible how systems of digitisation work, but also how they do not. We critically investigate the place that society and its environment can take in relation to the latest technological developments. Critical Data questions the handling of technology and explores artistic worlds in the digitalcosmos, operating between promise, manipulation and conspiracy. Critical Data is headed by Univ.Prof. Mag.art Manuela Naveau, PhD.