DiY Real-time Video For Art And Sustainability

8. and 10. Mai 2018
Interface Culture Lecture Room, Domgasse 1, 4.OG, DO.04.37 B

Interface Cultures lädt zum Gastworkshop von Monica Mendes und Pedro Ângelo.

8. Mai 2018, 14.00 bis 17.00 Uhr
; Video streaming concepts and technology
10. Mai 2018, 10.15 bis 13.15 Uhr; Streaming experiments and field work
10. Mai 2018, 14.00 bis 17.00  Uhr; Project implementation and perspectives

Surveillance has become ubiquitous. From video cameras in public spaces to internet-enabled devices, wireless sensor networks and flying drones, privacy is becoming a scarce resource. What if, instead of resisting the use of surveillance technology, we could harness it for the public good?
This three-part workshop will allow students to develop a small experimental project based on low cost open hardware real-time video streaming kits developed by the ARTIVIS project.

Mónica Mendes
is a digital media artist, designer and professor coordinating the Multimedia Art PhD at the Fine Arts Faculty of the University of Lisbon. She is also a researcher at M-ITI, collaborator at CIEBA, and co-founder of altLab hackerspace in Lisbon. Interested in designing for a more sustainable world, Mónica is exploring real-time interactive systems at the intersection of Art, Science and Technology.

Pedro Ângelo
is an independent research consultant for creative projects, specialised in interactive systems, and an invited lecturer at the Fine Arts Faculty of Lisbon. As a researcher, he is currently finishing a PhD in Digital Media in the context of the UTAustin|Portugal program, developing better tools for the collaborative design of distributed interactive systems.