Davide Bevilacqua • From Brute Force to Convivial Technologies. Conceiving sustainabile tech in Media Art

Interface Cultures Guestlecture Series

Davide Bevilacqua // From Brute Force to Convivial Technologies. Conceiving sustainabile tech in Media Art

Tuesday, 22th of November 2022 // 12:00 – 13:00

While considering sustainability in contemporary media art, one should keep in mind the double-edged impact of technologies: if on one hand they help human progress, on the other they efficiently contribute to the destruction of ecosystems and ecologies, be it physical, social or individual. This polarized process does not only happen with fossil-based technologies, but lies at the core of digitalization as well, through which spaces for creative production and social discussion are created but also new dependencies and forms of exploitation constantly emerge. How to cope with ideologies within the own artistic practice?

Not all is lost: the framework of media art plays since decades an important role in envisioning the future of such technological systems and devices. From the time of pioneers like Buckminster Fuller till now, media art can create an influential and creative space for the critique of current systems, a place where radical approaches toward ecological and sustainable technologies are envisioned and designed. With a critical attitude towards techno-solutionism and greenwashing, in this lecture, we will discuss the potential of concepts such as alternative infrastructures, radical art practices, degrowth, permacomputing and convivial technologies when are embedded in the context of media art production.

Davide Bevilacqua is a media artist and curator interested in network infrastructures and technological activism, as well as experimental presentation formats for artistic work and research. His current research deals with the environmental and social impact of internet technologies and platforms, looking critically at digital greenwashing and seeking escape routes from platform capitalism.

Davide is currently interim manager & curator at servus.at, an association dealing with open source internet infrastructure and online art and culture. He organizes the community festival AMRO Art Meets Radical Openness since 2018. He teaches at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, is part of the artist collective qujOchÖ and is a member of the program boards of the Festival der Regionen and LINZ FMR.


Image: “a coffee machine is the most convivial technology”, squatting prompts from someone else on Discord.