Daphne Xanthopoulou (GR)

Stones are Angels


In our highly networked world, the ethical interferences of the big tech that dominates our daily lives are opaque. What might we hear if we listen to the ghosts in our machines? What kind of stories would they have to tell to us? “Stones are Angels” is a surreptitiously participatory performance that draws attention to the mineral substratum of our ethereal technologies, by augmenting our encounter with our electronic companions in situ. Using our intra-actions as means for collective composition, we speculate on the language of stones, the unity of spiritual and material life, and our ability to communicate in anthropomorphic ways with the mineral we.


sculptures by Sheyda Ramhormozi
visuals by Diana Bogucka
original circuit design by Jonáš Gruska
photograph by Błażej Kotowski

#bio-capital #machinelistening #digitalmateriality #mediageology #sonicagency
#speculativeanimism #angelsinthemachine #environmentallistening
#electromagneticfield #sonicinteraction #audiovisual performance #soundart