Maria Konstantinova (RU)

Soup Kitchen

a recipe of one bright day (2022)

The awakening scent of freshly cut grass, lingering hugs with a pillow, a cup of tea... What were the ingredients of your morning?

The "Soup Kitchen" is a playful experience created as an attempt to redefine the values of life in a ludic form.

The user is invited to take part in the game and share one day of the character's life. With the help of a tangible interface, the gamer defines the events of the story and creates a unique narrative.

The "Soup Kitchen" encourages the visitor to take a pause and reflect on one's average day. By separating 24 hours from the abstract concept of "lifetime", we can have a new perspective on what our real needs and goals are.

What do we have, and what are the bare necessities?

Could it be that the recipe of one bright day is much simpler than we thought?