Linaá Pulido Barragán (CO)



As human beings we have a limited spectrum of perception through our senses. If we seek to expand different possibilities to "access" and reflect other realities, multiverses, etc, our perception would nearly not be able to access.

When analyzing the life of other living organisms such as plants, I developed the idea that their "brain" is actually in their roots. If we want to approach what I call "plant perception", we would have to reverse the position of our body and bury our head in the ground. Thus changing our per-ceptual mechanisms towards reality means to feel an immersive experience in the vegetable dark-ness.

"Plántula" is an in situ piece where the viewer buries his or her head, adopting the direction of the roots through the upside-down position, by means of the yoga inversion chair, which is located inside the earth. The viewer is immersed in an organic scenario of sound and sensitive amplification in the dark.