Vanessa V(ozzo) (IT)



Photosynthetic You explores fundamental ethical questions related to the renewed debate on genetics up to the hypothesis of being able to exchange our human genes with those of other species using innovative systems such as CRISPR/Cas.

What if we all have the possibility to decide, paradoxically and in an extreme, mass democratic act, to become thin and motionless like leaves, energetically self- sufficient like plants, feeding only on light and solar power?

Starting from scientific and artistic suggestions around the topic of “becoming plant- like” and using keyword as photosynthesis, autotrophy, hybridization Vanessa V will propose an open discussion that swings form science to art that will end with a invitation to make an action as part of an hypothetical next nature.

The workshop go deeper into the ethical questions that emerged from the installation “Photosynthetic Me”, developed by Vanessa V with the biotechnologist Enzo Guarnieri, with Andrea Macchia and with the Molecular Biotechnology Center (Italy), that won the S+T+Arts Prize For Social Good in 2021.