Maria Dirneder (AT)

Intangible Bubbles Calling for Aphrodite


The wind god Zephyr travelled Aphrodite, the foam-born goddess of love, with his breath upon a seashell in the ocean.

The embodied interaction brings the breath into the natural environmental space of water in real time. Audience membersĀ“ breath is measured by sensors, its movement is visualized and transferred into water for oxygenation and refreshing itself. In the water the intangible air gets a body, becoming visible with delineated bubbles. Audience members get touched by breathing which is visceral like lungs. A deep breath creates the experience of a deep feeling and touch in the deepest inside. There is an inevitably exchange between lungs and atmosphere. As a means of transport air acts as a very intrinsically active material. The air we breathe is directly related with climate factors. Creating a perceptible and visible interaction of our own breath with the environment which gives us a possibility to relate with the intangible.

Technical support: Daniel Fischer