Pepe Reyes Caballero (ES)

He loved me/he loved me not

Interactive Installation (2022)

“He loved me/he loved me not” delves into speculative possible pasts. The artwork is based on the personal photographic archive of a love relationship and song lyrics that artificial intelligence transforms into new pixel compositions which sketch new narratives. This piece shows an interactive daisy to pluck its petals one by one, generating new images to be displayed on another screen. The piece is completed with the printing of some of the photos used to generate the speculative images and an essay video about the construction of love, reality and the process of image reading. The action of turning the daisy and receiving different and contradictory answers from the flower comes from the historical game of Romanticism played to know whether another person loved you or not. This artwork shows the search for answers of an actual queer relationship to understand the social construction of love, the cyborg condition of memory and how technology sees what is invisible to our eyes and how it shapes our identity.