Jelena Mönch (DE)



Have you ever struggled with intrusive thoughts? If yes, you are not alone. About 94% of people have them. They pop up in your head like thoughts from someone else and get more dominant, if you try to ignore them. But how would you feel, if there is a way to confront them? To externalize your inner fear and just watch it grow and grow? An exposure, similar to being exposed to an intrusive thought in therapy. Imagine your thought growing around you, surrounding you physically. Watch it spreading out wider and wider while a voice whispers it in your ear. Try to actively perceive your emotions and watch how your fear first starts to grow but then affects you less and less. Calm yourself by watching your thought around you. How do you feel about it now? The artwork „Externalization“ deals with the handling of obsessive thoughts and draws attention to the commonness of them. Visitors are able to exposit themselves with one of their intrusive thoughts by taking part in the interactive installation. Externalization Jelena Mönch/Artist, Jasper Vogel/ Technical Support Interactive installation, 2022

Technical support: Jasper Vogel