Sara Koniarek (AT)


Interactive installation (2022)

Sonder, a term coined by John König in 2012 for the dictionary of obscure sorrows, describes the realization that every passerby, every person you see in a video, in the streets or on the internet has a life as complex as your own. By nature we tend to perceive life to be centered around us, making us the main characters of our own perspective.
There are different ways in our daily lives through which we get closer to grasping the complexity of the networks that connect us. It can happen on the commute to work, when overhearing someone’s conversation and purposefully listening in without further context. Or when we use social media apps that give a glimpse into other people’s lives for a small fraction of time. DeepFakeSonder takes fractions of real people's conversations and speech and feeds them through GPT-3 text generators to create deep fake stories of everyday life. Using these newly found realities as basis for audio recordings, this project aims to recreate the feeling of sonder and hearing just glimpses of someone else’s story without much context, whilesparking the listeners interest to find out more.