Various artists


Transdisciplinary Performance (2022)

We are all Bodies of Water: Re-enchanting the Vulva, re-spiriting the Danube, inviting the magic back into our oceanic beginnings. Entangled between our menstrual blood and primeval waters of Dānu, we embody our ancestral river myths through our common microbes, dancing. Leaking, sponging, and dissolving our human watery bodies, we invite the audience into a ritualistic gaze of interacting dependency - a mystical relationship with our larger, ecological, Bodies of Water.

DANU is a result of a transdisciplinary workshop by the artist Smirna Kulenovic, materialized as a collaboration between MA students of the Dance Institute (ABPU) and Interface Cultures (KUNI Linz). During the Summer Semester ´22, each student was guided through their personal and shared artistic research in Hydrocommons of wondrous difference, in which we all circulate, flowing into and out of each other.

  • Alejandra Benet Garcia
  • Laura Gagliardi
  • Lucia Mauri
  • Ariathney Coyne
  • Alessia Rizzi
  • Lina Pulido Barragan
  • Sara Koniarek
  • Maria Dirneder
  • Felix Chang
  • Dafni Xantholopolou

Artistic Researchers/Advisors:
  • Smirna Kulenovic
  • Damian Cortes-Alberti
  • Julia Moser