Vahid Qaderi (IR) & Razieh Kooshki (IR)


AudioVisual Performance (2022)

Cluster is an audio visual collaboration between composer and musician Vahid Qaderi and visual artist Razieh Kooshki. Over the period of several years the two artists developed and performed audio visual performances. The electronic music is a combination of noise, ambient, IDM, Dark techno alongside recorded sounds of the environment accompanied with sound reactive and generative abstract/ surreal visuals. Most parts of the visuals are created from basic 2D and 3D shapes and colors turning into complex realtime visuals. This performance is a continuation of the Vivid Q series, the first part of which was performed in 2018 in Tehran. By creating an integrated and at the same time changing atmosphere, artists try to provide an environment for the audience that triggers their imagination to create their own stories out of existing abstract sounds and images that occasionally become familiar sounds and images.