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The CMYK Bomber

The CMYK Bomber

Students: Jure, Christoph

Since the beginning of time man had the desire to leave traces behind him, a sort of a heritage. So he could communicate to the others around him and the ones after him. Task was accomplished by several ways, but the earliest solution that we can still see today are the cave paintings – graffiti.

There are similarities between graffitis, carvings on tree trunks and tattoos. They all share certain qualities. All of them are made to last on a certain spot, as a consigned memory. Each of them is unique in its kind. On the other hand, there’s also a certain negative quality, a destructive side of those communication media.

The CMYK Bomber is a secure one way communicator. One receives an encrypted message. When the message is received the laser tracker near the material tip begins to blink. The only way to view the message is to print it out on a desired surface.

Leave your signs! With the CMYK Bomber you are able to print pictures and text onto any surface you want. The device is light weight and portable, so it is ideal for an urban person with artistic or hooligan intentions. There is even a possibility of spraying other substances, for example you can insert a mixture of moss milk and sugar into the exchangeable cartridges and create moss graffiti.

Similar to the mechanism of an airbrush, the tiny color drops are sprayed pixel-accurate. We have embedded a laser tracker to help us print the pictures with the quality and accuracy of artists hand.