Workshop: Utopian and climate futures, Thu 19 April, bb15


2057 – Speculative Climate Futures workshop, a collaboration between Gabriela Gordillo and Julia Nüßlein

  • What? Workshop about the future, from a utopian and climate change perspective. The side subject is making use of workshops as artists.
  • How? Hands-on exercises and discussions
  • When? This Thursday, 19 April from 12:30 to around 18:30
    There will be a lunch, coffee and snacks – so be there sharp!
  • Where? bb15, Baumbachstr. 15, Linz

NB: One of our objectives is to help you generate ideas for our work. If that idea does not float your boat, maybe skip it. Also avoid if you are not interested in imagining a world without private wealth and property.

If you are planning to come, PLEASE LET US KNOW by emailing to julia.nuesslein [at]

Looking forward to see you there!
Sam Bunn and Julia Nüßlein