The Murder of Jo Cox


/ SuperGraph (AT, HK)

The Murder of Jo Cox is an interactive data visualization , interweaving the dark political narrative of our time: #brexit  #altright #refugeecrisis #terrorisminEurope #postTruth  #hyperNormalization

Jo Cox was a British Member of Parliament, pro-EU and pro-Muslim, immigration advocate, who was brutally assassinated during the time of the Brexit campaign. Her case became heavily coloured by media bias and was used by various political powers. It was a theater where ‘truth’ kept changing shapes, each actor calling each other for using ’alternative fact’ and rhetoric. It left audiences to wonder: who are the good guys? Who are the villains?

Using state-of-the-art technology, such as data mining and artificial intelligence, artist group SuperGraph visualizes the relationship between key statements presented in mainstream and independent medias. During the exhibition, audiences can generate mappings of ‘facts’ with various parameters, such as the sentimental level and political spectrum of the medias, by using a dashboard interface. The installation will be accompanied by research records and development sketches.


SuperGraph is Thomas Hoch (AT) and Waiwai (HK)


All images by SuperGraph