The Generative Adversarial Network

The Generative Adversarial Network is a series of products that pay homage to the gadgets that we all buy, own and love: the latest smartphone, wearable, IoT enabled home-automating wiretap.

Democratization of technology and information has not been the means of liberation and empowerment as it could have been. As described and discussed by the Frankfurt School of Critical Theory, these developments have been co-opted to become mostly
a means of commercial exploitation. These manipulation processes have moved from mass media to the internet and to the smart devices that are pervasive in our lives. Even when we don’t want them, it is impractical to function in society without owning and operating them. Adding insult to injury, not only are we exchanging our privacy, freedom and the health of our planet to devices that bring us convenience
and comfort, but also doing
it to have access to useless features, many of which create new problems for us— so that we will need or want the next “innovation.”

device art
useless functions
speculative product design

Wesley Lee > BR

The Generative Adversarial Network

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