Speculum Artium 2013 – Trbovlje

Maša Jazbec is a current student of IC, and last October curated a New Media Art Festival called Speculum Artium in her hometown, Trbovlje (SLO). The program runned for three days in which there where several activities such as a symposium, an exhibition, concerts and performances, film screenings and workshops.

The festival started in 2009 and every year is inviting some of the IC community to contribute and exhibit there.
In this edition Alessio Chierico, Chiara Eposito and Jaak Kaevats exhibited their project for “Use at your own risk”.

Arnulf Rainer for digital performer, concert version, The Dream of Flying and The Street-Scape were exhibited in a hall of the Delavski Dom in Trbovlje, where the whole festival took place.

Part of the IC Department was there to visit the festival, the city and its surroundings. We enjoyed the festival, then we participated in a guided tour of the city, we visited the dismissed coal mine and the power plant with its huge chimney.
The 11th of October there has been a big event in KSEVT, the Space Art Center in Vitanje, and the Speculum Artium Festival proposed AV performances for the whole evening.

Here there is a photostream of the IC activities and tours!