Sankt Interface 2022


16th December 2022, 17:00 – open end

Dear friends of Interface Cultures,
You are cordially invited to celebrate with us ‘Sankt Interface Day’ on 16th December 2022.
‘Sankt Interface’ is an artistic project organized by Interface Cultures which serves also as the annual celebration of our department. It is not a coincidence that it is celebrated around every ninth of December, the same day of 1968 when Douglas Engelbart did his ultra-famous conference, known today as “The Mother of All Demos”. At Sankt Interface, academic conferences, artistic performances, exhibitions, concerts and a “Computer Mouse Award” conform a celebration transforming into a happening in which students, professors, and friends of Interface Cultures participate at the same level.
This year’s event includes the keynote “Très(h)chic” By Sašo Sedlaček, Professor at ALUO University, one of the most prominent Slovenian artists, whose work explores various social phenomena particularly the practice of recycling. For Sedlaček, poverty and waste are the key issues, which are of great significance to our future. Sašo has exhibited extensively around the world including 6 Taipei Biennial, Taiwan, Land(e)scape, Kunstlerhaus Graz, Institute for Advanced Media Art and Science, Ogaki, Japan, Public Turbulence, ISOLA Art Center, Milano, Museum In The Street, Museum of Modern Art Ljubljana, ISCP Open Studio, New York, Future Nomad, Vox Populi, Philadelphia etc. Keynote in collaboration with Aksioma, institute of contemporary art. Supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and the Municipality of Ljubljana.
But Sankt Interface 2022 also includes art performances, the eighth edition of the infamous ‘Computer Mouse Award‘ and a series of live music performances with electronic instruments, as well as some hot DJ sessions, which will close the night. It’s all a must see!
Program (in progress):
17:15-17:25h. Welcome address by Prof. Dr. Christa Sommerer. (Audimax)
17:25-17:35h. Introduction to Sankt Interface 2022! by Ph.D. Candidate César Escudero Andaluz.
17:35-18:15h. Keynote by Sašo Sedlaček. (Audimax)
18:15- 18:30h. Q&A session.
18:30- 19:00h. Performances, To the Edge of The Galaxy by Tomomi Watanave & Tiago Martins, Projection installation by Kevin Blackistone. (Audimax)
19:00- 20:30h. Computer Mouse Contest Award presented by Enrique Tomás. (Audimax)
20:30- 21:30h. Dinner and jury decision break. (Audimax)
21:30- 22:00h. Awards ceremony. (Audimax)
22:00- 23:00h. “Interface-parade”, from Audimax to Dokapi’s terrace + “The pointer ascension”. (Dokapi)
23:00h – Open end. Concerts and DJ sessions from Interface Cultures Students, Teachers & Friends: Doğuş Karlık + DJ Döner, Juan Linares Ceballos + Katherine Romero + Sabina Piñeros, Razieh + Bahid, Kristina Tica + Sara Koniarek and more to be confirmed.