Sankt Interface | 2018


Anand Jaskaran Singh
Andrea Kober
Qian Ye
Isabella Auer
Bálint Budai
Tommaso Malato
Jeon Hess
Mascha Illich
Sergio Lecuona Fornes
Matthias Schäfer
Patricia Cadavid Laddy
Dawn Faelnar


This year event includes the keynote “Techno-political interfaces. Collective agents and multiple transitions” by Laura Benitez, (PhD in Philosophy and currently coordinator at the research program in Proposing a critical analysis of the emancipatory potential of (bio)technology through interfaces in the context of artistic practices.
The keynote “NAME Readymade” by Janez Janša®: In this talk, the Janšas will touch upon the function of the proper name as an interface reflecting on how, in western society, the concept of personal name might coincide with (or differs from) the question of personal identity.
With a special introduction by Robert Pfaller about his collaboration in the book “Janez Janša and beyond.” Contribution with Mladen Dolar, Jela Krečič, Slavoj Žižek.

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