sound performance by Davide Bevilacqua (IT) and Alberto Boem (IT)

„Ursuppe“ is a sound performance that involves jelly made out of the seaweed agar agar and analog oscillators. When agar agar is cooked to form a gel, a semi-solid structure made of proteins is formed. It can contain various substances that might imbue the material with particular characteristics. In this case, the salinity makes the flow of electricity possible. The resistance of the jelly modulates the oscillators so that the sound which they produce is led back into the agar. This creates a feedback loop that chemically modifies the material and its properties. These changes then affect the way the electricity flows through the materials, giving rise to an unstable and self-influencing process. The performers thus shape a network of relations in which a continuous modification of the flow of energy takes place. A video camera located above the performers provides a larger-scale view of their actions, the effect of these on the agar and its oxidation and liquefaction.





Ursuppe - Instrument Ursuppe - OxidationUrsuppe - Performance

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