Arnulf Rainer for digital performers, concert version

Alessio Chierico (ITA) Arnulf_4

Software programming

Arnulf Rainer for digital performers, concert version is an installation that aims to recreate and restructure the experimental film of Peter Kubelka, Arnulf Rainer (1960). The work of Kubelka consists of a series of white and black frames which, once projected, create an intense visual rhythm. The resultant rhythmic modulation concentrates, in six minutes and twenty-four seconds, the alternation of white and black, sound and silence.

The digital version, by Alessio Chierico, re-proposes the work of Kubelka, re-generating it in real time through a software that reads the sequence of white and the black. A computer that acts as the “director” sends the commands to the elements of the “orchestra”, which recreate the film of Kubelka. This project works on the border between analogue film and digital video, from unitarian visual flow through to its destructuralization.arnulf_2

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