Rotation / Translation

2014_09_06 30 Seg DorfTV Ars_733Cristian Villavicencio, 2014

Video installation

Rotation / Translation is a system for video recordings that recontextualizes in real time the spaces of projection from the point of view of a camera in continuous movement. The system consists in a    videocamera installed on rails in a non-accessible point of the exhibition space. The camera follows and records the movement of the audience inside the exhibition. The recording and projection device uses digital technology and cinematografic equipment as a cart and a mechanic arm.

IE2A6945 - Version 2_733   IE2A7460_733   Rotation / Translation records and projects in real time, making the viewer feel a spatial and temporal shifting similar to the effects of the earliest experiments of video art. The display of the videoinstallation creates a separation between physicality and temporality of the image, highlighting the gap between the act of shooting and its visualization.

Department of Education, Language policy and Culture of Gobierno Vasco.The project Rotation / Translation was produced with the support of the Department of Education, Language policy and Culture of Gobierno Vasco.IE2A8119_733

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