Tangible Score

by Enrique Tomas

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Tangible Score_04A “Tangible Score” is a tactile interface for musical expression that makes use of the physical shape, surface structure or spatial configuration of the score.

Sound is used as a continuous input signal and both synthesis and control are simultaneously achieved by directly manipulating the engraved patterns on the physical score.

Every interface is conceived from a different graphical score which, although it represents a musical idea, has also been specially designed to produce a diverse palette of acoustic signals when it is touched.

Sound is generated by a polyphonic concatenative synthesis driven by a real- time analysis and classification of the spectrum of the input signal. Each of the scores is loaded with a specific sound corpus that defines its sonic identity.

Thus, “Tangible Score” produces an implicit visual and haptic feedback, in addition to its core sound-producing functionality, making it intuitive, learnable and a suitable interface for musical improvisation and sonic exploration.

Tangible Score_03 Tangible Score_02 Tangible Score - Enrique Tomas

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