Senseparation from Tomaika on Vimeo.

Nathan Guo, Karol Kagan, Inga Bunduche, César Escudero Andaluz, Jure Fingust, Idil Kizoglu, Martín Nadal, Kim Hyeonjin, Ivan Petkov, Marlene Brandstätter, Chiara Esposito
Installation, 2014
Interface Cultures

Colaborative project: Leibniz Supercomputing Center, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, University of Art and Design Linz.

Tomi Stevenson (LMU), Rico Sperl (LMU), Franziska Tachtler (LMU), Nathan Guo (UFG), Paulina Rauwolf (LMU), Nelson Heinemann (LMU), Eva Maria Scheer (LMU), Bernhard Slawik (LMU), Karin Guminski (LMU),  Karol Kagan (UFG), Inga Bunduche (UFG), David Braune (LRZ), Michael Käsdorf (LMU), Natascha Singer (LMU), César Escudero Andaluz (UFG), Jure Fingust (UFG), Rico Sperl (LMU), Ulrich Brandstätter (JKU), Felix Manke (LMU), Tibor Golschwendt (LMU), Oleg Maltsev (TUM), Christoph Anthes (LRZ / LMU), Idil Kizoglu (UFG), Martín Nadal (UFG), Kim Hyeonjin (UFG), Ivan Petkov (UFG), Marlene Brandstätter (UFG), Chiara Esposito (UFG), Felix Hollegger (LMU), Beat Rossmy (LMU), Lisa Käsdorf (LMU)

The interdisciplinary experimental project focuses on the networking of people across the border between virtual and real space.  An encounter between two people takes place at different locations. Tactile, visual and auditory sensory perceptions are separated and thereby amplified in order to initiate it. With the help of an avatar, the user in virtual reality is able to interact with the person in real space. Encounters over great distances which take place on a virtual level and are free of emotion are experienced in a new way.

Exhibition at: IC at ars electronica 2014, Linz, Austria


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